Workflows and Rainbows

If you’ve listened to the Clear Desk Podcast then you will have heard me discuss the importance of providing your own Virtual Assistant business at least a ten hour retainer every month. I firmly believe that you need to dedicate time to grow your own business, both by marketing, networking and reaching out to clients but, also, to keep everything tickety boo, too. So that includes matching your receipts, scheduling your own diary and keeping your own Inbox clean and practising that Clear Desk Clear Mind mentality! We have to practice what we preach, right?

For me, this extends to the systems that I have embedded into the back-end of my business. That’s right: the pantomime horse bottom end of my own business has systems, workflows and automations to help it to run like a well-oiled machine. Why? Because life is busy, diaries are full and I want to ensure that I allow myself to grow and develop without allowing those old pals Overwhelm and Stress to move themselves in for the weekend.

One way that I do this is by having a super-tight content planning workflow. I work with two brilliant team members who have worked alongside me to develop, refine, tweak and implement my own content system. 

I have tried SO many of the social media scheduling tools and always found that, over time, they annoyed me. 

Or they didn’t have all of the features that I wanted. 

Or they let me down somehow. 

So I created my own! 


Why not? If something doesn’t work for you, make something that does.

On Tuesday 6th April 2021 (and this will be repeated again later this year so, if you’re reading this post-April 2021, never fear!) I am going to be sharing some of my content workflow secrets in my Masterclass and I’d love you to come and learn them. Click below to take a read of the details and allow yourself the gift of support and systems in your own biz, just as you work so hard to implement for your clients.

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