Why having difficult conversations is a natural part of being a VA and OBM.

In my FLOURISH 1-1 VA Mentoring programme I find myself regularly exploring difficult topics with VAs that they bring to the session to discuss. They’re often things that have happened that week or that month with one of their clients and they want someone to talk it through with, to explore, to find solutions and to support them to move forward.

That’s exactly what a Mentor is for.

And it’s made me think, recently, that – actually – if you think running your own VA or OBM business means that you never have difficult conversations, then you’re in the wrong game. Because, naturally when you think about it, running a business – particularly in the service industry – means that from time to time difficult conversations will crop up.

Clients will miss a deadline.

You will miss a deadline.

Clients cancel your contract.

You want to cancel a contract.

There are a gazillion examples that I could provide here but the main thing I want you to consider today is that having difficult conversations is a really natural part of owning and running your own VA or OBM business. And the reason why? Because we are all humans. Humans have human responses to situations that we cannot control but the one thing that we can control is the way that we, as our own human, react to that.

So, as you finish reading this blog post, I encourage you to take a deep breath and ponder or journal on the following question:

What difficult conversation do I need to have that I have been putting off?

See what comes up. Take that deep breath and have the conversation. I promise that the world will continue to turn and you will be the better business owner for it.

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