VA Top Tips: Email Folders

Keeping your VA biz nice and tidy

I use my email folders to organise my inbox and to organise my communication, as I’m sure many of you do, too. But, let’s be honest, there are times when we have busy periods and things can get saved down to any old space and then this can lead to us feeling a bit confuddled about where we are up to. 

One thing I ensure I do each week is to make sure that my inbox is at ‘inbox zero’ and I know that in the VA world I am not alone there.

Now that doesn’t mean that I’ve gone through every single little email and replied to it; it doesn’t mean that I‘ve deleted stuff that I haven’t read – what it means is that I use those folders to organise my system so that when I’m ready to go through a certain piece of client work or I need to file my receipts, I know where they all are. I know that they are organised and in one place waiting for me to be in the zone of focusing on that particular thing. I basically use my email folders as a sorting system to help me feel less overwhelmed about my work. 

As a Gmail user, I use the ‘star’ function to identify the key, top things that must get actioned and then I use the ‘star’ as a filter to help me to create my to do list.

I am also a massive fan of the digital calendar and I actively plot out at half-hours or full hours in my calendar to complete regular tasks, such as file my receipts to Dropbox for my OBM to sort or plot out time in my calendar for client work. This helps me to stick to my boundaries and also ensures that my work hours do not blend into life – there’s less procrastination and more Get Sh*t Done!

So my simple tip today is to set up your email folders thoroughly so that they help you to enforce your boundaries and assist you with your productivity. That way you will get to ‘inbox zero’ and you’ll feel ace about it!  

Running your VA business requires intentionality and I believe that can start with the organisation of your Inbox. 

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