VA Top Tip: Trello Checklists


I wanted to share one of my top tips with you and this top tip is all about Trello. Ooooh Trello, I love me a bit of Trello! If you’ve been following me on social media for a while you will know that I am often banging the Trello drum – for transparency, I am absolutely not affiliated with Trello at all however, it’s a brilliant digital tool that I use a lot in my business so if you haven’t heard of it, Trello is basically like a digital pinboard.  

Imagine a notice board with the pins in, it’s like that, it’s a way of recording, storing and sharing information, either privately or with a team and personally I have Trello boards with my one to one clients, I have them for my own business and I have them with my team, they are an awesome way to communicate, but today I want to talk to you about a specific function on Trello, and that is the Trello check list. 

I’m assuming that you gave some basic knowledge of Trello, if you haven’t, you open Trello and open a card, on the right side of your screen you’ll see some options you can add an attachment etc, one of those options is a checklist – it’s like a shopping list or a to do list. A way of entering items and ticking them off when you’ve completed them. 

Now you’ll see when you click on checklist you can rename it, so could call it ‘To Do – Things To Get Done This Month’, ‘Packing List’, ‘Marketing List’ etc, and you simply enter the items, press enter and you will see that it creates like a percentage bar for you and as you tick those little guys off, you get to make up to your 100% progress with your checklist and let’s face it, that’s the dream! If there’s nothing else we love better as business owners –or hey just as humans, it’s checking stuff off a list, right! 

Yeh the Trello checklist is ace for that, but here’s my specific little tip – particularly if you have multiple items that you need to get completed on a project, you can have more than one checklist on a particular Trello card, so say if you are working on a launch and you need to get the product marketed, packaged and designed, you could have three separated checklists for that, you could have marketing to-do’s, packaging to-do’s,design to-do’s. All of those things could be collated on the one card and then of course you can assign tasks to different people within your team, all you need to do is make sure they are added to your Trello card and use the ‘@name’ function to alert them that there is something there for them to do, it is magic! 

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