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Hello everybody! I would love to share with you another of my quick-fire top tips, admin, bits and bobs, digital tools to help you get quicker and smarter at your online business.  

Ok, so today’s tip is about a little trick in Dubsado, Dubsado is a CRM that I use in my own business and I’ve set it up for lots of clients and now they love it, I’ve kind of converted them haha! 

Dubsado is a way to manage your business, to manage your client load, to use onboarding, forms, projects, packages, a scheduling tool, a calendar, invoicing, reporting, it’s kind of an all in one, one stop place, for running your service-based business and product actually now I think about it.

I absolutely love it, as I said I use it myself and I set it up for clients and now I run their onboarding through it so if you’re looking for something to help streamline your business, I highly recommend Dubsado. I do have a code, hit me up if you would like to receive a discount on a Dubsado subscription, email me or DM me on Instagram, it’s @Cleardeskva and I will happily pop you the code.  

So, I’m assuming that you’ve logged into Dubsado, which you can absolutely do for free by the way, you can set up a free account and have up to three clients on there before you start paying, so it’s a really nice thing to kind of get going with and have a play with and one of my tips when you’re on Dubsado, is to set yourself up as a client.

Now on the Podcast guys I’m going to be talking about Dubsado a lot, as I said it’s something I use all the time in my own business but my first tip, this is like for people who are starting at the very beginning, is to set yourself up as if you were a client. So when you enter your email address and you set up your account, on the left-hand side of your screen you will see the second tab down is called ‘Projects’ if you click on ‘Projects’ then ‘Add Projects’ you can enter yourself as a client.  

What this allows you to do is test anything that you create, so say for example you create a form which is in ‘templates’ on the bottom left of the screen, if that helps! If you create a new form to go on your website, for people to sign up to a waiting list for example, you can send it to yourself first to see what it looks like on the front end. I do this with all of my clients, so when I set up a new client on Dubsado, the first thing I do, is I enter them as a client, so if I’ve created a proposal for them, or perhaps I’ve uploaded their legal agreement and contract, before I send it out to their client for on-boading, I send it to them, so that they can see what it looks like.

Now guys if you’ve ever received anything from Dubsado, just let me give you an overview because it looks beautiful, it isn’t like receiving a generic email with a PDF attached, it isn’t like receiving a hyperlink to e-sign a document, it’s lovely. It is totally customisable to your brand, fonts and colours, you can add your brand imagery, logo and photographs, you can link to buttons and packages, again that are branded, you can set up schedules for things, so say for example you send an agreement and you want it signed within 48 hours you can set an automatic expiry date, it’s brilliant for automations, it also has fantastic workflow opportunities, but my main tip today, is if and when you log into Dubsado, set yourself up as a client, enter as much information as you can – your address, your phone number, your email, email business, the whole ‘shabang’, and then when you start adding in agreements and forms, sending them to yourself first because if you’re a control freak like me and I’m guessing you’re a ‘type A’ person if you listen to this podcast, we’re all friends here, if you’re somebody like me you want it to look slick, you want it to look professional and super-duper fancy and that is the perfect way to test it, so none of that kind of sending it out to your client for the first time and crossing your fingers that it looks ok their end because let’s face it, first impressions count!

Particularly in business, nobody wants to send out an agreement or proposal and have it look slightly shoddy, or the button doesn’t work, the link isn’t live, the colour isn’t right, the font looks odd, you want to check all that stuff because your clients are going to get that initial impression from you and here’s a little thing, the reason I set up Dubsado for my clients is because when they receive proposals from me, they like how it looks, so they will say to me “Natalia, I don’t know how you did what you did, but I want you that to happen for my business” so if you’re a VA listening to this, if you can nail the bank end of your own Dubsado, not only does it give a really lovely presentation of your business to your own clients, but you’ll find that it gets you work because people will want you to set it up for them!  

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