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When you feel like you have scoured the internet, spent your evenings typing in the same phrase into your search engine and got lost down a rabbit hole of threads, well-meaning advice and STILL come out the other end without a solution, what you want are the answers.

I imagine that you have found yourself here because you are after the practical solutions that show you how to Do The Thing, Launch The Thing, Create The Thing or Make The Decision.

You’re in the right place, my lovely.

Here, I hope you will find just that.

Because if there’s one thing that I know about running a successful Virtual Assistant business, it’s that finding the solution and answer to your current problem can be the key that opens the next door for you.

If there’s something you’re after that’s not here, please pop me an email: natalia@nataliasanders.com

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work in a way that fits around family life

Since I had my daughters, I sought a new way of working and was granted a new life perspective. I started my VA business in 2018 and haven’t looked back. It took off at great speed and I learned the ropes as I went along, progressing my own skills, income and networking alongside running the home and raising our girls. 

Allowing others to follow the path of success that I now walk, is a delight and honoured part of my business.


The Clear Desk Podcast

The Clear Desk podcast explores the value, support and huge range of opportunity that outsourcing in your business creates.

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Auto Responder!

Auto Responder!

Now guys, let’s face it, nobody really is an inbox fan, are they - I've worked with multiple ones for clients over the years and one thing that so many people want support with is the old inbox management and boundaries around the inbox.  That can be such a...

Workflows and Rainbows

Workflows and Rainbows

If you’ve listened to the Clear Desk Podcast then you will have heard me discuss the importance of providing your own Virtual Assistant business at least a ten hour retainer every month. I firmly believe that you need to dedicate time to grow your own business, both...