This is for you if your sales language makes you feel a bit queasy. You know your copy needs to be bold and enticing but you don’t know quite know where to start. Let an expert take care of it so that your copy does the selling for you.

Do you get that slightly icky feeling when it comes to selling?

Are you unsure when to use a certain tone for fear of putting people off?

Business is about sales and you should not fear them.

However, I fully appreciate that it can sometimes be tricky to find the words to sell your products for you, especially in the online space.

You need product descriptions that are the equivalent of an Instagram curated photo shoot: they need to jump out and grab people’s attention, making them want to learn more.

Your products and services need to be described with your audience’s needs at heart. Remember you are providing something that is going to enhance their life in some way; let’s work together to discover the language, phrases and keywords to help you to do that time and time again.

Product copywriting

This service is for you if you have multiple products (anywhere from 2 plus!) but you really struggle when it comes to creating the descriptions for them. Perhaps you have seen competitors describe them in a wonderful way but you feel like yours always fall short, or maybe you’re tired with the way that they are presented on your website and feel that a refresh would match your new branding. Wherever you are up to with your product copywriting, allow me to use my expertise to hone your brand values and really inject them into your descriptions to captivate and delight your customers.

Sales Funnel Copywriting

For many people, the word ‘funnel’ makes them come out in a rash. I used to be one of those people. That was, until I realised that sales is a fundamental part of business and that it doesn’t have to be icky or make you come out in hives. Your sales funnel encapsulates the customer or client experience of on-boarding or leading them to purchasing from you; it needs to be unique to your brand and work seamlessly. This service is for you if you are struggling to convey the overall experience and you require some support with the copy that sells. With a wealth of experience in creating sales copy for brands as varied as coaches, service providers, performers, health professionals and interior shops, allow me to work my magic on your sales funnel so that it works for you, rather than against you.

Thank you for your hard work – you were able to provide me with my form well in advance of when I expected it. The wording and formatting was completed to a much higher standard than I could ever have dreamed of doing myself and it has saved me so much time!

Katharine Dudley, Spire Dance Studio

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