Life as a VA in a Pandemic

Serve or splurge?

As a VA, we are used to giving. We give, we serve, we deliver. That’s what we do.

But, as everyone knows, the last 12 months we have seen people give and serve and deliver way beyond anything that we have ever seen in our lifetimes.

So, this has caused me to stop and ask you: how can you serve yourself?

When was the last time you stopped and took proper stock of your own VA business? Seriously. Not just on January 1st or when you scroll through Instagram on a Thursday evening. I mean PROPERLY.  Looked at your monthly income, the hours you’re working, the moments of joy, the highs and lows.

Because during this pandemic we are all being pulled in so many directions and it’s vital that we really do stop and look at what we are using our energy on and where we can save it.

Grab yourself a pen and paper and jot down your answers to these few questions to start this process:

  1. What’s your average monthly income over the past 12 months?
  2. What are the 3 best features of your favourite client?
  3. What’s been the most enjoyable process you’ve worked on in the last 12 months?
  4. Where are you spending too much time?
  5. Where are you not showing up enough in your business?

Now, draw a line next to each answer and make notes on what you could do next. What moves can you make to implement small tiny tweaks – or huge shifts.

I’d love to hear – if you’d like to share anything and, if your answers show up some food for thought that a supporting hand could help you with, I have spots available for my 1-1 VA Mentoring programme FLOURISH and I’d love to chat about how we can work together. 

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