When someone signs up to your Email Marketing list, they are effectively letting you know that they want to hear more. Allow me to create expert ‘Freebie’ downloads and set up the copy for your nurture sequence that will make your list happy to hear from you.

Your Email list is the diamond in the crown of your Marketing Strategy.

When was the last time you sent a newsletter out to your list?

Have you checked that your nurture sequence is working properly?

What’s your conversion rate on your Freebie download?

How many sales have you earned from your newsletter?

Is your newsletter conveying the message that you want your customers to hear?

Or is it one of those jobs on the old ‘To Do’ list that never gets done?

I hear ya!

Of all the marketing services I provide content support for, I truly believe that email marketing is the one that makes people grimace the most!

We all know that when it works well, it is brilliant, but it is like that plant that you’ve popped on your desk but never quite kept up the upkeep of – it needs love and attention to thrive.

Your email marketing is the perfect place to convey your brand’s identity to your clients and customers. It is slightly more informal than other marketing sources so you can really afford to allow your personality to shine through.

I offer two main services: ‘Freebie’ content creation for that perfect download to attract clients to sign up to your list, and email marketing sequence copywriting for the pitch perfect nurture sequence.

As ever, if you’re after a more ‘Done For You service with setting things up at the back end then of course we can discuss this. This does carry a higher price with extra work done by the hour at £45 per hour.

It’s done fast, on time and written so well.

My audience really engages with our newsletter now.

Laura Warren, Pop & Punch

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