I’m super thrilled to invite you to join the Clear Desk VA paid monthly Membership: an inclusive Facebook Group community of Virtual Assistants and OBMs.

Whether you’re at the very start of your VA path or are well established and working at capacity, this is a new way for you to connect, support and flourish with other, like minded Virtual Assistants, OBMs, Associates and me, Natalia Sanders. I am a VA Mentor, OBM and tea drinker, ready and waiting to welcome you into this inclusive community where you will learn, grow and smile your way along your VA path.

I’ve created the Clear Desk VA Membership to welcome you into a VA family; this is a space for us to connect with each other – I am a firm believer of collaboration over competition and this is a supportive space for you to ask, share and connect. I really want this Membership to be about helping you to grow your Done For You business in a way that works for you, not just for your clients.

You see, I know how hard it can be to stick to boundaries in your business.

I know how trying it can be to have difficult conversations with a client.

I know how tricky it can be to smash that discovery call.

But I ALSO know that there are ways of achieving all of those things (and more) in a way that feels good to you: without feeling icky, awkward or with that sinking feeling in the pit of your tummy.

My business has exploded since I began working with Natalia, I was fully booked before, and I had a lot of work I knew was about to come in, I was overwhelmed and I didn’t have the time or energy to focus on my business, I just worked on client projects and scraped by with my own business.
Working with Natalia, I have managed to pick out and focus on this whirlwind of ideas that I had seen/been thinking about for months.

Round 2 1-1 Mentoring Mentee

I am a busy Mum of two young daughters, my husband and I are renovating our home and I work no more than 20 hours a week yet I am watertight on my client boundaries. This is one way that I have been able to grow and scale my own business; not by working all the hours and ‘hustling’ (eww) or ‘grinding’ (again, no) my way to success.

One thing that has been key to my success has been allowing myself to be vulnerable with a group of like-minded business women so that I could learn, grow and up-level the skills that I offer to my 1-1 clients but, also, my own skills as a business owner.

Because I know that becoming a Virtual Assistant isn’t just about being a whizz at Inbox management.

Owning your own online business is a skill in itself and this is why I wanted to create a community of like-minded VAs who ‘get it’.

Through my 1-1 Mentoring services I have the privilege of supporting some of the world’s best VAs, both brand new and established. From this work (that I utterly love), I thought it was time for me to increase the opportunities that Mentoring can bring to a group: by creating the monthly Clear Desk VA Membership.

The Membership is held in a private Facebook community, where for six days of the week there will be a different focus. There’ll be monthly Live trainings from myself and others, a weekly Q & A thread where you can ask me any burning question that’s keeping you up at night or for some support. I will be delivering weekly live streams on a group coaching topic relevant to VAs and OBMs, this is a bespoke way for you to grow your business and FLOURISH with like-minded business folk, as well as guest lives from industry experts.

Each week there will be a focus on a particular digital tool to help you to up-level your own VA skills and offer more services to your clients. These will be digital tools that VAs use to support clients in a range of industries, such as email marketing, book keeping, social media scheduling, back-end web support and many more. These focus days will share tips and tricks of how to learn new systems and support you with offering more services to your own clients and adding more strings to your own metaphorical bow.

Think of the digital tool days as a way of learning and progressing your own VA services without having to spend hours and hours searching online for the answers or watching umpteen Help videos online. Come and learn from those who use these systems every week in their own business and feel confident to ask questions from other VAs and OBMs who are experts in the field.

This is a real collaborative and supportive community. I want the paid Membership to be a professional, yet friendly, space. It’s for VAs and OBMs who are ready to excel and boost their businesses and I can’t wait to welcome you!

I knew I was a people person, I didn’t quite realise how much until faced with working from home alone! Natalia has made me realise that having her and my associates has enriched my business day to day in the last few months. It’s also made me realise I want to continue that and I want to be surrounded by other VA’s that can bring awesome skills to [my business] and if needed that I can actually help them grow.

Round 2 1-1 Mentoring Mentee

I’m all about spreading the joy to help you to build your own, aligned business on your own terms and to serve your ideal clients at the highest possible level.

Don’t get me wrong: this Membership is not for dabblers. This Membership is for VAs who are ready to go all in, to launch, to learn, to grow, to connect and to scale.

If you are dabbling your toe in the water but not committed to flourishing in your VA biz, then this probably isn’t the space for you, my friend.

However, if you’re ready to soar with the support and backing of other, like-minded wonderful folk, then please come on in, pal, the water’s lovely.

This is a space where you are held, supported and seen in a way that won’t make you feel vulnerable. You don’t have to be shouting from the roof tops (although you’re very welcome to!), so please know that, by joining my monthly Membership, you’ll be welcomed with kindness and a virtual cuppa, high-fived along the way and celebrated from the small to the big wins.

This is all about helping you to find your groove as a brilliant VA and to grow your business to support the lifestyle that you want to lead. Who’s here for that?!

Here’s how it works:

The Membership works on a 3, 6 or 12 month commitment. As mentioned above, this Membership is for VAs and OBMS who are ready to FLOURISH and so there is a minimum 3 month option. Once paid for your 3, 6 or 12 month membership, you will be emailed a link to join the private Facebook group straight away.

The pricing is designed to reflect the current national hourly average rate for VAs in the UK in 2020: £27. If you sign up for 6 or 12 months, your cost per month reduces accordingly.


3 months – £81

6 months – £156

12 months – £300

I know first hand how scary and daunting investing in yourself and your business growth can be; trust me, I’ve been there and it’s something that I talk a lot about on the Clear Desk VA Podcast so I really want you to know that I’ve been there:

I’ve prioritised my children’s treats over my own.

I’ve stopped spending on my own self development.

I’ve been in that space where it can feel like everything is scarce and you’re living in a lack mentality.

And I don’t want that for you or your business, my love; it won’t help you to grow.

That is why I have purposefully made the Clear Desk VA Membership affordable and accessible for as many superb VAs as possible. For the price of one hour’s pay a month you will have constant support, value, tips, tricks and opportunities from a group of wonderful VAs and from me! (Did I mention me?!)

If you’re unsure and you’d like to ask any questions before joining I totally get that: pop me an email – hello@nataliasanders.com and I always reply personally.


  • paid private Facebook group for Virtual Assistants and Online Business Managers
  • weekly threads to up-level your business owner confidence, mindset and growth
  • Associate opportunities – both to find work and find amazing Associates
  • supportive, uplifting group: what you get in you will more than get out
  • Live training from an expert who has grown and scaled a successful VA biz
  • the VA family feeling you’ve been searching for
  • sign up for 3, 6 or 12 months

If you’re looking to up-level your VA biz then you’re in the right place, my love.