Allowing yourself the gift of support

Accepting help is a strength, not a weakness

When I started my VA business, I witnessed so many people on the internet offering, talking about, raving – in fact – about the support they were receiving and I just couldn’t get my head around how people were making ends meet.

How did they AFFORD support?

When did they find the TIME to be supported?

I felt like a kid looking through a sweet shop window, not knowing how to enter.

It was like being back in Year 9 at high school again, walking the corridors at lunchtime with your eyes on the floor as you had to pass the Year 11s.

Fast forward a few years and, not only do I now provide support to others through my FLOURISH 1-1 VA Mentoring programme but I also RECEIVE support in a number of ways. I outsource in my own business and it was as if someone switched a light on as soon as I started.

I have a VA, a Graphic Designer and have regular strategy meetings about my business with my team. I, also, have a Podcast Producer and a Coach. ME! Little old me. 

How did I do it? I pressed SEND. I DID the thing. I tried it. I started small and I’ve let things grow. 

Because the thing is – and I don’t think that this is spoken about enough online – that finding support in your business does not have to cost the earth. You CAN start small. Allow yourself to feel the benefit of the gift of support and then, when you are ready, you can choose to allow your support to grow. IF you want to and need to.

How could you allow yourself some support in your business? Even if it’s in a tiny way? I urge you to have a ponder and journal out those two questions. If you’d like to share your responses, please feel free to email me – I always reply personally – 

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