Natalia Sanders

Content Creator, Copywriter, Expert VA, Mama, Mentor, Reader, Dry White Wine Fan & Tea Drinker.

I have always been a lover of words and an avid reader; in primary school I was always cast as the Narrator (much to my chagrin) and I went on to study English Lit and Theatre Studies at university. Whilst I was there I worked in a secondary school English department one day a week, supporting children and I got the teaching bug. Graduating with a PGCE from Exeter, I went on to spend a decade working in secondary English teaching, as well as latterly (and currently) working each year as a GCSE English Language and Literature examiner. There’s something about exploring purpose and audience, as well as nurturing a love of literature, that really speaks to me and feels fundamental to us as humans. If we cannot read and write, we cannot communicate. And where would we be without that, eh?

Since I had my daughters, I sought a new way of working and was granted a new life perspective. I started my VA business in 2018 and haven’t looked back. It took off at great speed and I learned the ropes as I went along, progressing my own skills, income and networking alongside running the home and raising our girls. Working to support ambitious, forward-thinking small to medium sized businesses, start ups, freelancers, work-from-their-kitchen-tablers and all round wonderful people has, both, inspired and allowed me to grow professionally, creatively and to harbour a growth mindset that I now bring to everything that I do.

Developing an incredible network of VAs, and allowing others to follow the path of success that I now walk, is a delight and honoured part of my business. I create digital content and copy for awesome companies, as well as mentoring others to do what they love and work in a way that fits around family life, whilst creating high financial rewards that allow a lovely lifestyle. My VA Hub matches the best, most brilliant VA service providers with busy, successful businesses who need high quality support. It is a privilege to support both.

I live outside Bristol, in South Gloucestershire, right near the river Severn with my husband, two young daughters and two bonkers cats. I read a lot, am a podcast addict, can’t stay awake past 9pm and am quite the force in a karaoke booth.

I’d love to hear from you; please don’t be shy. Reach out and say hello, it’s all about the connections.

Thanks for stopping by,

Natalia x

What I Do Best
  • Create sparkling copy
  • Produce incredible digital content
  • Mentor & support VAs
  • Pair up the best VAs with businesses