As a business owner, there are times that arise when listening to your own advice is the very best thing that you can do.

This week, I have an ear infection and it’s been making me feel slightly slower than normal. It hurts, obviously, and I’ve been berating myself for not doing All Of The Things that I usually do at the speed that I usually do them. This morning, as I dropped my children off on the hour-round trip for childcare, I stopped and asked myself: ‘why am I beating myself up about being unwell?’ and it just sprung a light bulb moment in my head. LISTEN TO YOUR OWN ADVICE, I told myself.


If a client or a friend told me that they were feeling run down and that they weren’t on top of their game, I would never expect them to reply to that email, complete that task, share the live post or come over for dinner so why-oh-why was I beating myself up about it?! I have been trying to do way too much this week and that light bulb moment was a real CLICK in my head. Just from noticing that, I have slowed down, reorganised my diary and seen the GP. And you know what? Life is still continuing and my business is still a success!


I just wanted to record on my blog that, sometimes, listening to your own advice can be so so helpful. In a digital world of constant advice, tips, success stories and “you should try….” tales everywhere, actually tuning in to your own intuition and switching OFF can be the best way to get well, up to speed and switch back ON at your fullest capacity.


My business pal and productivity guru Amanda Appiagyei has a fantastic course entitled ‘Organising your Life and Business‘ coming up this month that could be just for you, if you feel that the balls are all up in the air too much of the time and you need some clarity around getting organised. I need to be clear here and state that I am in no way affiliated with this course, I just think it looks incredible and that it could support you, if this blog post has resonated with you in any way. For, if we cannot support each other in learning to be the best business folk and people we can be, then what’s it all about, eh?


I’m off to rest.


Natalia x


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