Crucially, knowing when to outsource any part of your work or life admin can be a linchpin moment that can, either, move you swiftly to the next step or make you sink.

I am often asked in interviews and in online forums: ‘when should I outsource and how will I know when I get there?’ The honest answer is: earlier than you feel ready!

In all honesty, if you are working regularly and you have family at home, as well as life admin, family, friends, birthdays, pets, laundry, a social life, sports, hobbies…. you get the picture (!), then life is full and, unless we outsource effectively, we will end up burnt out and overwhelmed. Neither of those two things are part of the Clear Desk mentality and are a huge reason why I started my business in the first place.

Rather than battle on, marching against the wind and having an uphill struggle every day, allow yourself the gift of time by outsourcing. This could be outsourcing at home or at work. At home, for example, I have a cleaner who comes twice a week and gives the house a good clean. Could I do this myself? Well, yes, I could, but I’d be doing it either at the crack of dawn, before my daughters get up, or in the evening, once they’re in bed, and I feel much more at peace if I spend some time with my husband in the evenings, and so we invest in the outsourcing. And it feels SO GOOD to come home to a sparkling house – oh, SO good! The money spent on this does not even compare to the feeling of joy, peace and calm that settles on me once the cleaners have been; it is worth its weight in gold. Did I think I’d ever grow up to be the sort of person who has cleaners? No. Not one bit. But I’m damn proud that I can support my cleaner’s business and, in turn, her family, by employing her. It’s a win all round!

In business, if you’re getting to the point where you’re spending more time working ON your business, rather than IN it, then it’s probably time to outsource some regular tasks. I know, it’s scary, and there’s a fear around making those first steps to let someone in. My advice is to take small steps and outsource any regular tasks that could be done by someone else; they’re, most likely, not the tasks that turn the needle on your business but, without them, you won’t keep moving forward. Start simple: social media scheduling is a great one. If you’re scared of losing your voice in your copywriting, then having someone to schedule your posts is a great weight off your mind. Think how you’d feel once you know that your posts are going out, just as you’ve created them, but you haven’t had to plug them into a scheduler, format them, add the relevant hashtags, check that they’re going out at the best time, etc, etc. How would you feel? You’d feel lighter. You’d feel chuffed to bits when you open your social media app and see your posts seamlessly being posted and proud that your marketing is being kept up to date.

If, however, you’re ready to make a bigger investment and seek more in-depth support, then a VA can also be the best person to do that. Often, professional VAs have a real rounded set of skills so, rather than searching for a Graphic Designer and then a Copyrighter, you can employ a VA, such as Clear Desk VA, who can do multiple tasks for you. We manage the back end of website content – everything from upgrading plugins on WordPress –  to managing your workflow and client portals in Dubsado. It’s the things that take the time that are stopping you from being creative in your business that are the best to outsource.

I know first hand what this is like because, at almost a year in my business, I now outsource myself. I have support, both at home and in my business, because I am only one person and I acknowledge that there are some skills that others have better than me! We are all aiming to achieve personal growth and happiness and, to achieve this, I think it’s imperative that we admit that we cannot – and should not – have to do everything ourselves. That acceptance alone is liberating.

If you are battling through the summer holidays juggling childcare and business, feeling like you’ve got to the point where you are ready to outsource from September then let’s chat.

We have availability and are here, arms outstretched, ready to support you to achieve a Clear Desk ~ Clear Mind by the end of your working week.

You can email: or click on our website to book a free, no obligation, discovery chat.

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