Imagine the scene: you’re a business owner who works a lot. By ‘a lot’, I mean everyday. Now, this working everyday may look different from one business owner to the next but, the point is, you are often ‘on’. You are often ‘working’. Even if you are not sat at your desk / easel / car / in meetings / creating / selling, your brain is on and your brain is working most of the time. Does this sound familiar?

On top of this, you have the rest of your life to consider: your family; your home; your hobbies; your commitments; your fun stuff. The stuff that you do to keep you sane (apart from work!) but it needs to be done, even if it’s loading and unloading the washing machine three times a day, it needs to get done and the fact that it ‘needs to get done’ rings and dings around in your brain, adding to, what I like to call: The Noise.

The Noise drains us. It can be constant. Some of us are better than others at tuning in and out of The Noise but, let’s face it, in 2019 we have a lot of Noise: rolling news; social media; sick children; piling laundry; Watts App groups that feel we need to keep up with; diaries that can mount out of control; dentist appointments; sales meetings; assemblies we need to get to on time … you get the picture. Forget The Juggle – I’m saying that The Noise Is Real.

At least, it can be. It has been for my clients and now, hopefully, their Noise is quieter. Their Noise is quieter because they took the positive, progressive step to outsource some of their Noise to my Virtual Assistant business: Clear Desk VA. And that, in itself, can be a scary thing, particularly if YOU ARE your business. As a sole trader, outsourcing anything at all can be scary, but to hand over a regular portion of your business, and invest in it, takes guts. It is scary. But it pays off. In fact, it pays dividends. Here’s some of the things that you may start to feel if you start to outsource some of your administrative tasks to a VA:

  • The Noise may dim
  • you have peace of mind that things are getting ticked off your To Do list, without having to physically do them yourself
  • like you have more time to do the things that you love
  • supported: a VA can be a brilliant sounding board or professional ear for you to run ideas by
  • in control, rather than out of it
  • successful
  • profitable
  • flexible
  • content

My business is built around the foundation of helping other business owners to achieve a Clear Desk and a Clear Mind. I know that these things are achievable and that they have a drastic, positive impact on my clients’ lives.

Often, the type of enquiries that I get from prospective clients are almost a cry for help: business owners that are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of tasks that they need to complete and the switch on The Noise button is twisted right up to ‘high’. I find that they, almost, don’t know what they need help with first, because the feeling of being overwhelmed can be all-consuming. That’s why I thought I’d kick off my first blog post on my website with a list of things that a VA could help you with (this list is by no means exhaustive! VAs are magical creatures: we often have our own niche and I know a few of us who work for ourselves but recommend each other to prospective clients, if we feel the work is more suited to their particular niche, so always ask!) Services can include:

  • regular finance tasks: sending out invoices; chasing invoices; data entry; recording your business receipts, profits and losses
  • email organisation: ‘cleansing’ your Inbox; sorting out folders; creating automatic replies; determining which emails you need to focus on first and which can wait; helping you to establish healthy email habits; setting up signatures and account forwarding
  • web design: creating websites; designing pages; SEO
  • branding: design; marketing and theme
  • email marketing: creating, implementing, analysing and updating your email marketing campaigns
  • note-taking: minute-taking and typing
  • CRM: client management; updating; storing; organising; matching with your email system to streamline your business
  • creating marketing documents
  • social media content writing and scheduling
  • taking telephone calls and responding to voicemails, so that you only have to respond to the most essential communication
  • content creation, copy-editing and proof reading
  • researching information that’s helpful to grow your business
  • personal life admin: I’ve even sent Christmas cards for one client!

So, as we set sail on the ship that is 2019, rather than allow The Noise to grow to deafening levels, why not take a breather to look at your goals and aims for this year, then ask yourself ‘what could a VA do for me?’ I promise you, it will be one of the best investments that you make this year.

If you’re interested in working with me this year, then I’d love to hear from you. You can either contact me via my website here or email me at

Let me help you to achieve a Clear Desk – Clear Mind in 2019.

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