Coo-eee! Hey, I’m Natalia

Clear Desk VA

I’m a VA Mentor, supporter, OBM, content-addict and word-whizz at your service.
I am an experienced Virtual Assistant who focuses on mentoring and supporting other incredible VAs to grow and scale the biz of their dreams so that they can create impact and freedom both in their own lives and the lives of others. Now booking for 1-1 Mentoring from September 2021.


It’s me, Natalia

I provide 1-1 Mentoring services as well as a monthly paid Membership for VAs. Through my 1-1 Mentoring I work with established OBMs and VAs who are looking to grow their businesses, perhaps take on a team or want to focus on a particular area of their business development.

In my group Membership, I provide a space for VAs to connect, be supported, up-level their tech skills and, ultimately, support them to grow sustainable, profitable businesses that light them up and help them find aligned, brilliant clients.

I, also, serve a very small number of 1-1 clients myself, as an OBM and copywriter, as well as creating my own podcast The Clear Desk Podcast, which explores the value of the Outsourcing world.


A huge advocate of flexible working, I believe that bespoke and perfection are the pinnacle of my success. If it isn’t done perfectly; it isn’t done, on my watch. Please take a look around and, if you have any questions, email me.

Spreading the joy is part of my mission and I am thrilled to offer VA mentoring. If this is for you and you’d like to be one of the first to learn about how I can support you to have your own successful VA biz, then click right here.

Thanks so much for stopping by, it’s a pleasure to meet you.

Supporting you to grow and scale the biz of your dreams so that you can create impact and freedom 

How can I help you?

VA Mentoring

1-1 mentoring

If you’d like to be supported 1-1 to grow, scale, start and flourish in your VA biz then click below!

OBM Support

obm support

I am currently operating a Waiting List for new 1-1 OBM Clients.



I am currently operating a Waiting List for new 1-1 Copywriting Clients.

VA Membership Group

membership group

I’m super thrilled to invite you to join the Clear Desk VA paid monthly Membership: an inclusive Facebook Group community of Virtual Assistants and OBMs.

"Natalia is approachable and inspiring"

Jo McMeechan Physiotherapy & Wellbeing

"I'm getting my value worth here already! Everyone here is wonderful and I feel like I'm learning lots"

Clear Desk VA Membership Member

"As a mum and a business owner, to have that dedicated time to speak to someone who seriously gets you is just priceless"

Flourish 1-1 Mentee
“As a mum and a business owner, to have that dedicated time to speak to someone who seriously gets you is just priceless”

Flourish 1-1 Mentee

work in a way that fits around family life

Since I had my daughters, I sought a new way of working and was granted a new life perspective. I started my VA business in 2018 and haven’t looked back. It took off at great speed and I learned the ropes as I went along, progressing my own skills, income and networking alongside running the home and raising our girls. 

Allowing others to follow the path of success that I now walk, is a delight and honoured part of my business.